Why bother making a first blog post?

Why bother making a first blog post?

My first blog post on this latest “version” of my WordPress.com site!

Two (wonderful) people who’s support has made me finally take the step of doing this posting are Ana Zambrana and Veronika Cheplygina. I’ve talked about blogging with both of them – I hugely admire and find awesome the scientific outreach Ana does, and really appreciated her taking the time to discuss this with me – and the gentle encouragement by Veronika, on several occasions, to “Just do it”, and in particular to work/plan but also at the same time “do”, have pushed me to finally post.

Thank you!!

So what’s my aim with this blog? I ask this, as the more communication work (and indeed the more work I do in general) the more I learn that clarity of purpose/aim helps me get the right thing done.

Firstly, it’s to have the chance to experience writing in a different context. I find understanding/studying “things” exciting – but I’ve also learned that, for me, if I actually want to implement what I (think I’ve) learned about them, guess what, I have to actually do them! I’ve learned in the last years that this is not only useful/valuable, but also fun – collecting new, different experiences, always offers new insights, helps build new empathy, and building both of those is something I hugely enjoy.

Secondly, while I write a lot in my work, and am reasonably good at it, I don’t usually enjoy it much. I was curious to try writing in a context where I could focus also on enjoying it a bit more.

Thirdly, I’m super-super-interested in experiencing, learning about, and contributing to community engagement in general. And an important part of that is often writing for blogs, online, and generally doing other social-media related activities. This has been important for my job for many years, but I still want to learn more, and build more experience in it – learn and understand what works better for building the kinds of engagement I’m interested in developing. This blog is an opportunity to try things out like that. At the same time, it’s an opportunity to show others, people who might be possible future collaborators, or employers, what I think, and some of my experience and skills related to what I enjoy.

Fourthly, I often find on Twitter that I don’t have space for my message, a message I’m keen to share – I thought it might be handy to be able to write those messages here, and link to them, rather than squash them into Tweets.

And what’s my aim with this specific post?

Well, more than anything, it’s just to start posting something! My guess is that once I’ve done one post, it’ll make it more likely I do another.

So I don’t really expect anyone else will find it particularly interesting or useful, just wanted to get something out there 🙂

Thanks again, Ana and Veronika – you’re awesome!


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